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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Bush Signs Detainee Legislation

From the LA Times:

President Bush signed new legislation Tuesday providing for the detention and prosecution of terrorism suspects, and the Justice Department moved immediately to request the dismissal of dozens of lawsuits filed by detainees challenging their incarceration.

Bush signed the legislation in an elaborate East Room ceremony, calling it a "vital tool" in the administration's war on terrorism, while Republican Party officials immediately unleashed campaign broadsides, charging that the measure's Democratic critics advocate freeing terrorists.

The new law thus became both part of the administration's final campaign push to preserve its congressional majority in the midterm election and the beginning of a new chapter in fashioning a judicial process for those captured around the world in U.S. military and counterterrorism operations.

The law is bound to generate new and contentious legal challenges that likely will leave U.S. policies on detainees in an uncertain state. Beside the request that federal courts throw out detainees' lawsuits, judges also will be asked to decide new legal questions that again may end up before the Supreme Court. Meanwhile, human rights groups said it is far from clear how the new law will be implemented, and the CIA has asked Justice Department lawyers to review interrogation guidelines.

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