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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Cleared Chinese Prisoners Remain in Guantanamo

The Washington Post has an amazing story about 15 Guantanamo Bay prisoners who are still being imprisoned despite being cleared of terrorist charges. In the story, Chinese Detainees Are Men Without a Country Robin Wright reports that the Bush administration is still trying to find a country to send the 15 Muslim men after 20 other countries have refused to grant them asylum. The US will not release them to China due to fears that they will be tortured. The Bush administration has also refused to allow the men to come to the United States.
Perhaps the most horrifying part of the story is that these men are still being treated like criminals and one was "chained to the floor" in a "box with no windows," according to the lawyer representing them.

Update 12-13-05: Click here to read an article about the Supreme Court agreeing to hear the case.

--Tom Hayes


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