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Friday, October 21, 2005

5 Nurses in Libya

Trudy Rubin, a columnist for the Philadelphia Enquirer writes about a 5 nurses sentenced to death in Libya, who Rubin argues are not guilty. Rubin writes:

Have you ever read a news story so bizarre you had to blink your eyes to believe it?Such is the story of five Bulgarian nurses (and one Palestinian doctor) who are under a death sentence in a Libyan jail, accused of deliberately infecting hundreds of Libyan children with the AIDS virus. Libya's Supreme Court is set to hear their final appeal on Nov. 15; they could face a firing squad if the appeal is rejected. They have already spent seven years in prison...The nurses are clearly not guilty. They traveled to Libya in the 1990s to find work at a time when the Bulgarian economy was in tatters. In 1999, an AIDS epidemic infected around 420 Libyan children, and the Libyans conveniently arrested the foreign medical workers. The women were tortured in an effort to extract confessions.

Click here to read the full opinion piece.

--Tom Hayes


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