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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Chavez to Help U.S. Poor

A pretty amazing article from the Washington Post about the President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, and how he plans to use his government owned oil company to subsidize heating costs to low income people in the U.S. From the article:

The chief executive of Citgo wrote to the senators that the company is "studying potential plans for ongoing, sustained assistance programs in the United States with the goal of lifting our neighbors in need to an improved quality of life." Citgo is planning to announce today that it will provide discounted heating oil this winter to many low-income residents of Massachusetts, Venezuelan officials said, adding that the plan was in the works before the senators sought help. The company also plans to offer similar aid in New York.

Chavez is no fan of the Bush administration and the article alludes partly to the fact that he may be doing this as another way to "ruffle feathers" inside the White House. As the article reads, "This is the second time in recent months that Chavez has used oil to tweak the United States, analysts said. In September, Venezuela made a very public announcement about diverting shipments of gasoline to the United States to help prevent shortages after hurricanes Katrina and Rita knocked out refineries along the Gulf Coast."

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--Tom Hayes


Blogger Camilo Pino said...

This is a public relations masterstroke.

President Chavez is helping the American poor to cope with high-energy prices during winter, whereas President Bush hasn’t done anything to bring the oil price down.

W’s popularity is to receive another hit and Chavez’s image in the States will be the one of a Robin Hood.

And there is more. A similar deal is being cooked to sell cheap oil to low-income Bronx resident.

They recently published a survey in Guatemala measuring Bush’s popularity against Chavez’s in the Central American country. Bush won by a little edge. My guess is that if they do the same survey in Massachusetts Chavez would win the vote by more than a little edge.

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