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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Abortion in South Dakota and the U.S.

From the Washington Post, an article about abortion laws in South Dakota. This is an interesting article and shows how many states have taken action to chip away at Roe. From the article:

South Dakota, those on both sides of the abortion debate agree, has become one of the hardest states in the country in which to obtain an abortion. One of three states in the country to have only one abortion provider -- North Dakota and Mississippi are the others -- South Dakota, largely because of a strong antiabortion lobby, is also becoming a leading national laboratory for testing the limits of state laws restricting abortion, both opponents and advocates of abortion rights say.
In 2005, the South Dakota legislature passed five laws restricting abortion, after a bill to ban abortion outright had failed by one vote in 2004. And new laws are virtually assured for the coming year. A 17-member abortion task force, made up largely of staunch abortion opponents, issued recommendations to the legislature earlier this month that included some of the most restrictive requirements for abortion in the country.

Click here to read the article.

Also check out this website from PBS Frontline, which aired a show titled, "The Last Abortion Clinic," which I think does an excellent job in presenting both sides of the argument over the last open abortion clinic in a Southern conservative state-Mississippi. The show can be viewed online and is definitely worth watching.

--Tom Hayes


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