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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Will Congress React to Executive Overreach?

In previous posts I have argued that the Bush administration has overreached and abused executive power with multiple actions that have been in the news such as authorizing the NSA to spy on Americans, pushing to allow for torture, holding foreigners and American citizens without due process, etc. Now it seems there may be a push from Congress for greater oversight of the executive branch. Here is a portion of an article from the Washington Post:

After a series of embarrassing disclosures, Congress is reconsidering its relatively lenient oversight of the Bush administration.
Lawmakers have been caught by surprise by several recent reports, including the existence of secret U.S. prisons abroad, the CIA's detention overseas of innocent foreign nationals, and, last week, the discovery that the military has been engaged in domestic spying. After five years in which the GOP-controlled House and Senate undertook few investigations into the administration's activities, the legislative branch has begun to complain about being in the dark.

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--Tom Hayes


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