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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Democrats to Question Intelligence officials on NSA domestic spying

Mark Hosenball writes in Newsweek that Senate Democrats are planning on questioning intelligence officials during an upcoming intelligence meeting, as Hosenball writies:

National Intelligence Director John Negroponte and his principal deputy, Gen. Michael Hayden, are scheduled to appear with several other top intelligence officials at what was supposed to be a routine Senate Intelligence Committee hearing to discuss the intelligence community’s assessment of current threats to the United States, including terrorist attacks and nuclear proliferation. However, congressional sources say Democrats on the Senate committee plan to use the hearing to grill officials about alleged NSA domestic surveillance. They are particularly interested in questioning Hayden, who before joining Negroponte’s office, served as NSA director. The controversial NSA monitoring program was launched under his command.

Click here to read the article.

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Update: read this article to find out what happened during the meeting, "Democrats and Bush Aides Spar in Senate Over U.S. Spying"

--Tom Hayes


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