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Monday, February 20, 2006

Lobbying and Colorado Lawmakers

From the Denver Post, an article about some of the free gifts that lobbyists give to Colorado politicians and how that practice is likely to continue. Pending legislation attempts to ban some of the influence that lobbyists have by curbing the practice of gift giving, but the proposed legislation leaves out event tickets. From the article:

State lawmakers accepted dozens of tickets to sporting events, concerts, ski slopes and other occasions and venues last year, exposing yet another way lobbyists wield influence over the legislative process.
In 2005, 65 of the 100 state lawmakers reported accepting more than $29,000 worth of tickets, golf outings, ski-lift passes and fly-fishing and rafting trips.
In all, lawmakers reported receiving more than 322 tickets or gifts, such as greens fees at golf tournaments.
Those tickets - and the ability for donors to get private, exclusive meetings with lawmakers - would not be touched under a cash and in-kind gift ban that is pending in the state legislature.

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--Tom Hayes


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