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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Former Enron CFO Implicates Old Bosses

Forme CFO of Enron Andrew Fastow testified today in the Enron trial and had some pretty damning testimony against Jeff Skilling and Ken Lay. As the Washington Post reports:

Andrew S. Fastow, the government's star witness in the Enron Corp. trial, took the stand Tuesday and testified that he concocted a massive fraud in face-to-face meetings with the company's former chief executive, who both sanctioned the deals and asked him to "get me as much juice as you can." Fastow, in a nervous but steady voice, spent most of his first six hours on the stand describing quid pro quo deals he arranged with Jeffrey K. Skilling, the company's former chief executive. He said Skilling was so obsessed with making the company look good for Wall Street that Skilling approved of sham deals that helped the company meet its earnings targets while Fastow personally skimmed millions of dollars off the transactions.

Click here to read the article.

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--Tom Hayes


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