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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

State Troopers to Act as Immigration Officers

The issue of undocumented immigration has become a frontburner issue in the last few weeks. In this state alone we have seen quite possibly the largest demonstrations the state has ever seen. As well as the banning, yes banning of the American flag in a Colorado middle school due to racial tensions in the school surrounding immigration.

In reaction, members of the Colorado legislature have proposed that a special squad of State Troopers be assembled, and be given the same authority of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE, formerly the INS).

This has proposal has many problems.

First, it blatantly violates the Constitution. Border enforcement is the job of the Federal government, it is not the job of the states. We should look to see if the States' Rights Republicans oppose this as they should.

The second problem, is that this proposal, linked with the fact that eight Colorado Legislators have written a letter to President Bush, urging him to declare a state of emergency in response to what they call an "invasion" of illegal immigrants shows unsettling trends in the attitudes our elected leaders.

This reactionary feeling towards immigrants has only been hardened by the recent demonstrations in support of the human rights of those here undocumented. This allows us to make these connections and see our elected representatives for what they really are.



Blogger Colorado Coalition for Human Rights said...

There are a lot of immigration bills in the Colorado legislature now and more like the one mentioned in this post. Here is an article detailing some of them from the Rocky Mountain News:

--Tom Hayes

9:22 AM  

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