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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

A National Academy of Public Service?

From the Washington Post, an article about a push to create a national public service academy. From the article:

The proposed United States Public Service Academy would offer an all-expenses-paid education to 5,000 undergraduates. Its liberal arts curriculum would emphasize leadership development, analytical thinking and service to others, with requirements for summer service internships and a year of study abroad.
Graduates would be required to work for five years in public service. They could choose from jobs in state, local or federal government, law enforcement, public health, education or nonprofit organizations.

To view the website of the proposed National Service Academy, click here.

This seems like an excellent idea to me, having spent a summer with the Americorps working with a local non-profit Colfax Community Network. I think a lot more young people would choose national service if there were incentives and a national academy promoting the idea.

--Tom Hayes


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