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Friday, October 28, 2005

UN Population Fund and President Bush

Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times wrote a very good column titled, "Mr. Bush, This is Pro-Life?" Traveling in Niger, Kristof argues that the Bush administration's recent action of withholding funds from the UN Population fund hurts many all over the world as he writes:

Mr. Bush and other conservatives have blocked funds for the U.N. Population Fund because they're concerned about its involvement in China. They're right to be appalled by forced sterilizations and abortions in China, and they have the best of intentions. But they're wrong to blame the Population Fund, which has been pushing China to ease the coercion - and in any case the solution isn't to let African women die. (Two American women have started a wonderful grass-roots organization that seeks to make up for the Bush cuts with private donations; its website is www.34millionfriends.org.)

The website www.34millionfriends.org is definitely worth checking out.

--Tom Hayes (this article sent courtesy of JB)


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